Fanny Moy


Fanny Moy Beube was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Chicago.  She has been creating ever since she can remember. Some of her earliest memories were of drawing with her dad, making dioramas with dead insects, critters and cigarette butts in the Arizona desert that was her backyard, and running like mad to claim a spot at the clay table in kindergarten.

Fanny was known as the class artist in her schools, making elaborate drawings on the chalkboards, turning every assignment into a visually creative project, and getting a lot of attention for her artwork. It culminated in her acceptance into The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she explored many more areas of art. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Teaching Certificate, she also came away with memories of incredible experiences with very talented instructors and fellow students.

“Life has taken me to many places in the world. The outward experiences have fed my inner creative thoughts and helped to inspire me."  Fanny Moy